Detective Red (Pre-Order)

In a world where "Partners" evolved into "Slaves," a young Detective with a powerful case of Poképhobia, starts to attract a new type of clientele after stumbling upon a wounded creature that sparkled. With this deep uncontrollable fear, Red sets out to save the lives of 6 beings whom the young Detective would rather see die.

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Star Crossed

A 12 year old girl born in space, refuses to live in the shadow of her hero of a mother or any adult. She steps forward to prove that age and size are not the problem when becoming "The Baddest In The Galaxy"

Sugar Bottom "Past"

Before the events of the Sci-Fi Manga "Star Crossed," "Sugar Bottom Past" tells a story about a young amazonian girl hunting down and taming the earth's most deadliest of female monsters. For the sole purpose of capturing a soul that escaped the underworld.

Sugar Bottom "Present"

After being struck by a car, a girl named Anaea Speed loses her dream of running in the Olympics. That is until a young but old demon offered to fix her legs at the price of her virginity. Not much use for a demon but for a human, such a thing held great emotional ties, at least for Anaea. ​

Let Me Be With You!

The leader of an all girls gang finds herself love struck by a shy little cutie at her school. A cutie with an embarrassing secret. And watch as an ass kicking young woman take on other gangs to become top dog in the city. Only to find out that some gangs are out of this world.

Baby Death Claw

To you I bestow the knowledge of man… love… and affection. In hopes that you have an amazing adventure of your own… As I once did. Love, Mom

Orc & The Little Prince

"I've come to understand, not all Queens are kind and ladylike. But there's one who is the embodiment of evil or so I'm told. Here where I am, lives a former Queen who has done horrible things to the young and old. For her crimes, she lives as a slave to my bloodline. I am Prince Adam of the royal Hall family and this is my story."

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