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I’m The Bookkeeper

This is my library of Manga, Light-Novels, Anime Podcast, Anime Reviews, Blogs, and fun Gameplay videos of my cat, Candy. While we do use other platforms, we do not personally trust them in terms of censorship. My library has a strict no censorship policy. Within reason of course.

Hello World, My Name is Candy!

I make video content for the Bookkeeper and her library. I like playing all kinds of games from Call of Duty to Minecraft. Aside from games, I like making podcasts about anime stuff! Also small shoutout to Pnut for being the longest follower of my live streams. I'm very grateful to him and everyone else, thank you.

Detective Red: Love Or Lust

An Abra born and raised in captivity, she never knew of the world outside of her four walls, that was until she met a young detective. Seeking to grow ever closer with him, she finds the outside world to be much larger than she could have hoped for. Seeming to expand evermore, the closer she gets to the love of her life. Sometimes even craving the simplicity of her old nothing of a life.

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